Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Do What You Love

Giveaway Cancelled

So first things first. I only got one entry for the Netduino giveaway so unfortunately I had to cancel it. A simultaneous thanks and apology to Steve for submitting the lone entry. I'm just not getting enough traffic to generate enough interest at this time but don't worry we'll definitely run a giveaway again in the future when the time is right.

Follow Your Passion

That brings me to my next point which is not really directly related to hardware or software. Do what you love. If you can do that every day things will work out for you. For me that's writing software and fiddling with hardware. I get to do one or the other pretty much every day. If you're not doing what you love every day find a way. Watch less TV or play less XBox. You'll get better at whatever it is and you'll enjoy it more.

What Next?

So it may appear that I've forgotten about the sensor platform but I haven't really. I've been pretty busy at work and doing some work on the side. Unfortunately the platform takes 3rd place. I haven't forgotten about it and intend to continue working on it. I also intend to post more often and mix in more simple projects here and there. Whatever comes to mind and whatever I love.