Saturday, June 25, 2011

MPLAB 8 on Ubuntu 11.04

Ubuntu Development Dream Lives On

I wasn't about to give up on my dreams of having a non-Windows development box to do my hardware tinkering on. So I decided to give Wine a try. Turns out it works like a champ and my bootloader project is simulating just as I expect. In case anyway else is interested here are the steps to get it up and running.

Install Wine

The first step is to install Wine. That is quite simple as it can be done through the Ubuntu Software Center. Just do a search for "wine" and install the "Wine Microsoft Windows Compatibility Layer."

Download and Prepare Files

Next up is to download MPLAB 8 and the Standard-Eval version of C18. Once you have downloaded them they need to be set as executable so that Wine can run them properly. You'll need to extract the zip file contents for MPLAB first. After that, change directories to the folder containing mplabc18-v3_38-windows-eval-installer.exe and run:

sudo chmod 777 mplabc18-v3_38-windows-eval-installer.exe

Next, change directories again into MPLAB_IDE_8_73 and run:

sudo chmod 777 *.*

Install C18

  1. Right-click on the C18 exe and select Open with Wine Windows Program Loader

  2. Accept the defaults through the install

Install MPLAB 8

Right-click setup.exe and Open with Wine Windows Program Loader. I chose the Custom setup and accepted everything that was checked by default. I accepted all other defaults during the install. If you selected the Hi-Tech compiler as part of the custom install it will launch a separate installer. I accepted all of the defaults during Hi-Tech C Compiler install except I checked the box to add the compiler path to the environment variable.

Test it Out

  1. Go to Applications->Wine->Programs->Microchip->MPLAB IDE v8.73->MPLAB IDE

  2. Open the project from the Project menu

  3. Viola! Works like a champ.
I haven't tried to program with the Pickit3 yet but I'm not too worried because I still have MPLABX installed so if I can't do it in MPLAB 8 I can just pop over to MPLABX and use it to actually program my device. It's not my ideal setup but it will work for now and allows me to remain Windows free. If you have questions or comments please feel free to pass them along.


  1. Installed in June 2014 .... and it works!!! thanks


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