Friday, August 19, 2011

PICBoot Alpha

Format Change

So, I've decided not to continue from the last posts like I said. I spend a lot of time trying to prepare educational posts to get something ready for the public eye that I could be spending on writing code and just laying it out as it is and getting feedback. In other words, I want to spend less time polishing my posts and more time writing code and putting out quick updates.

PICBoot Bootloader

As the last few posts suggest I started working on a bootloader. Well, the preliminary version of that bootloader is now available on github. It currently runs on the PIC18F27J53 but there is no reason that it couldn't be modified to work on other 18F chips. Once programmed onto the chip it will read a hex file from the SD card at startup and program the device. It's in it's early stages but it does work. I'll continue to enhance it as I have time but really the point was to get something up so I could start working on the platform and have a field programmable way of updating the firmware.

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