Saturday, August 20, 2011

WiFi Is Up Next

So the PICBoot project takes care of the bootloader portion of the project and includes an SD card module which we can plug in to our main app if we need it. Next up is adding WiFi functionality.

Microchip MRF24WB0MA

I'm going to try to implement the WiFi portion of the project with the MRF24WB0MA from Microchip. They have a free networking stack that hopefully will plug in nicely to the module pattern I'm trying to follow. The price is pretty good compared to other offerings out there and the performance is comparable according to the datasheet. I'm just getting in to the implementation and hope to have a few posts on it. Specifically I need to get the code plugged in and I'll also need to create a custom PCB for the module to make it breadboard compatible. I really need to get around to fixing the speed issue in PICBoot. Reading 1 byte at a time in the hex file is really causing it to dog in performance. I think if I read like 512 or even 256 bytes at a time the performance would be significantly better.

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